The essence of Seeking Himalayas is love and respect for mountains.. Seeking, Understanding, Nurturing the bond between the mountains and us. People differ in the approach in which they relate to mountains. Some like simple travel, some are into adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, while others explore cultural heritage, some are into scientific research on rocks and glaciers. Approaches might differ, but in a way, they are all means to an end - Seeking Himalayas We are here to facilitate you on that path and give you a genuine mountain experience.

  • Keeping group sizes small and avoiding overcrowding the mountains
  • Minimizing ecological footprint
  • Strict adherence to LNT(Leave No Trace) protocol

  • Trekking, Travel and Adventure may seem to be our primary activities on the face, however these activities also enable and propel many bigger meaningful motives that are accomplished in parallel.

  • Awareness and education about environment issues
  • Inculcate in people and especially the younger generation, love for nature and outdoors
  • Maximising the utilization of local services and products, thereby strengthening local economy
  • Practice responsible tourism by a maintaining a symbiotic relation with the region rather than being a burden on the local ecology
  • Giving the visitor an experience of culture and traditional ways of life; and motivating the local population to be proud of it