A beautiful journey on foot from Pabbar Valley to Baspa Valley. The trek starts from Janglik in Rohru region of Upper Shimla. Proceeding through Pabbar Valley, and visiting sacred Chandranahan Lake, we move on to cross the ~4580 m high Buran Pass and enter Kinnaur.
About the trek
Pabbar valley is in Shimla district, and Baspa Valley ( Sangla valley ) in Kinnaur across Buran pass ( 4724m ) . Above Litham , lies the high altitude sacred lake 'Chandranahan'.
Janglik - Litham - Chandranahan Lake - Buran Pass - Barua Kanda - Barua
Day 1 Janglik - Dayra

Day 2 Dayra - Litham(~3600m)

Day 3 Litham - Chandranahan Lake - Litham

Day 4 Litham - Alyas

Day 5 Alyas - Buran Pass - Barua Kanda

Day 6 Barua Kanda - Barua

Reaching Trek Base - Janglik
Janglik lies beyond Rohru in Upper Shimla. First you need to reach Shimla.
From Shimla, either take bus for Rohru (~125 kms, 4 hours approx) and a jeep thereafter. Or hire a taxi from Shimla
Taxis can be arranged by us on request.
For those coming from far off, to reach Shimla, you can take a train till Ambala(UMB), Chandigarh(CDG) or Kalka(KLK).
There onwards, it is 3.5 - 5 hours by road to Shimla. Bus/taxi are good options.
A narrow gauge train is also available from Kalka (KLK) till Shimla(SML). The train journey is slow ( ~6 hours ) but a beautiful one.
Terms & Conditions
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  • Cost excludes travel/accommodation prior to and after the trek
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