Highest pass linking Bharmour region with Lahual, across Pir Panjal range.
About the trek
Kugti Pass (~5040m) is among the highest passes that connect Chamba side of Pir Panjal range with Lahaul side. Join us in this thrilling high altitude trek that starts from Bharmour, the land of legendary Gaddi shepherds.
Bharmour - Kugti - Duggi - Alyas - Kugti Pass - Alayas (Khodlu) - Jobrung - Keylong
Day 1 Bharmour - Hadsar - Dhanol (by road, ~19 km) . Dhanol (~2335 m altitude) - Kugti (~2580 m ) trek (~ 6 km )
From Bharmour, we proceed to cross Budhhal stream and reach Dhanol by road via Hadsar. From Dhanol trek to Kugti, starts. Kugti is last village in Chamba region in this direction, before we step into wilderness in this trek.

Day 2 Kugti - Duggi (~3340m altitude) (~8.5km trek ) ~6 hours
From Kugti trek to Duggi caves via the sacred Kartik Temple. Trail is defined more or less and not too difficult; except a slight steep ascent at end. As we reach Duggi the valley starts to opens up. Campsite is there but Gaddi shepherds also camp in natural cave shelter at times.

Day 3 Duggi - Alyas ( base of pass ) ~4250 m altitude . ~9 km trek
Along a defined trail continue a steady ascent traversing alpine pastures and upstream along Kugti naalah to the base of the pass (Alyas)

Day 4 Acclimatisation & Rest for high altitude climb next day
Plus, also useful as a buffer day in case weather restricts our progress or speed

Day 5 Alyas - Kugti Pass (~5040 m ) - Alyas (Khodlu) (~3800 m ) . Approx 10 - 12 hours trek.
This is the toughest day of the trek. We need to start no late than 4 a.m. because pass must be crossed before noon else weather can get bad up there. Generally most of this stretch is expected to be over snow and climb is steep as you gain almost 1000 metres altitude in 5 - 6 hours. After around 3 hours of ascent we reach a flatish moraine area, the climb after which is tough. Trishuls and prayer flags mark the high pass and descent towards Lahaul side is steep and tiring Alyas ( a term for base of the pass) on Lahaul side is known as Khodlu and is a Gaddi campsite

Day 6 Khodlu - Jobrung (trek ). Jobrung - Keylong (road)
Relatively easier trek compared to what one has endured in previous days!. Now we're in Pattan valley area of Lahaul, famous for peas and potato farming. From Jobrung, proceed to Keylong via road.

Reaching Trek Base - Bharmour
You need to reach via Delhi / Pathankot / Chamba depending upon where you are coming from

via Pathankot
You can take a train till Pathankot(PTK) or Pathankot Cantt (PTKC). Almost all trains going to Jammu Tavi (JAT) will halt at Pathankot Cantt.
Pathankot - via Chamba - Bharmour
bus/taxi ( 8 hours approx )

via Delhi
Train + Road
Delhi - Pathankot (PTK or PTKC) by train ( 7.5 - 12 hours depending upon train)
Pathankot - via Chamba - Bharmour bus/taxi ( 8 hours approx )
Road + Road Delhi --> Chamba (direct overnight bus, 15 hours approx) followed by Chamba --> Bharmour (bus/taxi) (3 - 4 hours)
You can consider breaking your journey midway (at Pathankot, Dalhousie, Chamba etc.) for less exertion.

After the trek is over, the return route is via Manali, we can help arrange the return transport for you.
Terms & Conditions
  • Cost mentioned is from Bharmour to Keylong, for Day 1 - Day 6
  • The cost includes services of skilled and knowledgable guides, helpers, and cooks
  • All meals and equipment during the trek
  • We will email you the payment mode and detailed instructions on registration
  • Thereafter, Please make the payment to confirm your booking

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