This 7 day trek route connects Rupin river valley in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand to Baspa Valley (also known as Sangla valley) in Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh through Rupin Pass in Dhauladhar Range.
About the trek
Rupin is a stream that merges into Tons (a major tributary of Yamuna) near Naitwar, in Uttarakhand. From Naitwar , the route moves upstream along Rupin, passing through village Sewa , then to Dodra Kwar region of Himachal Pradesh, wide Rupin valley, pine forests, beautiful wild flowers and high altitude pastures. Rupin waterfall is a 3 stage waterfall and traversing the icy slopes near it before crossing Rupin pass, is an adventure in itself. Then we move onto Ronti gad and descend to Sangla Kanda , high altitude pastures above Sangla in Kinnaur, with magnificent views of Kinner Kailash range peaks ( Kinner Kailash, Jorkandedn , Raldang ) and charming Baspa Valley ( Sangla Valley ) said to be one of the most beautiful valleys in Himalayas.
Dhaula - Seva - Gosangu - Jiskun - Jakha - Saribasa - Lower waterfall camp - upper waterfall camp - Rontigad - Sangla Kanda - Sangla
Day 1 Dhaula - Seva (~ 2000 m )

Day 2 Sewa - via Gosango - to Jiskun ( 2250 m) or Jakha

Day 3 Jakha - Saribasa (3250 m)

Day 4 Saribasa - Lower Waterfall camp (3550 m )

Day 5 Lower Waterfall camp - Upper Water fall camp (4100 m )

Day 6 Upper Waterfall Camp - via Rupin pass ( 4688 m ) - Rontigad (4100 m )

Day 7 Descent from Rontigad - Sangla Kanda (3600 m) - Sangla (2600 m )

Reaching Trek Base - Dhaula
It is recommended to reach a day before trek for proper rest, energy and acclimatization. If you plan to start trekking same day you reach, then reach as early in the morning as possible.

Dhaula is around 9 hours drive from Dehradun.
You can take a train till Dehradun and thereafter take a bus for Dhaula. Rest and relax overnight and get ready to start your adventurous journey next morning.

In case you require, then we also provide taxis from Dehradun to Dhaula, and from Sangla to Shimla, after the trek is over. You can move at your own time schedule and take stops along the scenic route at your own rhythm. Usually participants get together at Dehradun and share the taxi, which is good both for company and economy. Cost per person for taxi trips( both trips Dehradun - Dhaula & Sangla - Shimla ) is ₹ 2,500 in total approximately.
Terms & Conditions
  • The cost includes services of skilled and knowledgeable guides, helpers, and cooks
  • All meals and equipment during the trek
  • We will email you the payment mode and detailed instructions on registration
  • Thereafter, Please make the payment to confirm your booking

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